In-Depth Stats and Stuff

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In-Depth Stats and Stuff

Post by Swagohod » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:27 am

Stumbled across this interesting site. Check out the spray patterns of the weapons:

Furthermore, you can find out what the best two ARs are, and why they're the Sar and the AEK.

Anyways, go nuts, find out some information.
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Re: In-Depth Stats and Stuff

Post by swolenator » Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:38 pm

Yeah that site can be helpful. They have definitely made it easier to use since the last time I looked at it and it gives lots of useful information. One thing i did notice is the compensator and muzzle brake are not the same like i thought they were. I didn't notice muzzle was less upward recoil and compensator was less side to side recoil.

I haven't used all the guns or unlocked all the attachments for them but I heard those two guns are good. I know some guns I have liked are m416, ace 23, ak5c, sg553, cz3a1, m249, ace 21 cqb.

The cbj-ms was okay i got kills with it pretty easy but it fires a little slow. I know alot of people think the ace 23 is one of the best guns too. That cz3a1 pdw fires at 1000 rof and is a little hard to control at first but once you get attachments it can be kinda fun just have to be careful as you go through a mag in no time flat. I still haven't decided what attachments i like so far especially grip wise.

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Re: In-Depth Stats and Stuff

Post by Kerberos » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:03 pm

Even if the spreads are a tad different. I think I am gonna stick with my 416. I hated the SCAR-H. I remember how useful it was in BF3, but in BF4 they have cut down its damage and range, while maintaining similar recoil and spread to BF3. It makes it generally useless.

I was pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of the starter AR (ak-12). Definitely good to see them starting players out strong and letting them find their weapon of choice.
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