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Farcry 4

Post by purebeau69 » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:54 am

This game is pretty fun. I'm not as enamored with it as I was with Farcry 3. It's basically the same game (albeit with more bugs) dressed in a different context with more shit to do.

The biggest problem I've had with this game is that it wasn't much fun at the beginning. It wasn't until I unlocked better weapons that the game started opening up to my specific playstyle (stealth) and allowed me to play around with its mechanics. The economy is broken imo. You have standard sidearms and two-armed weapons you can buy when you complete campaign missions or liberate bell towers but you also have signature weapons you can unlock by doing specific side missions. These signature weapons are the ones that fit a more stealthy playstyle. There are a small handful of regular weapons you can outfit with silencers but you can't use them until you have progressed far enough (roughly 30%). I found myself essentially breaking the game's narrative logic and completing signature weapon quests before doing any campaign missions so I could play the game the way i wanted to play it. Sure, the game starts you off with a bow but aiming it is a chore (doesn't feel like Farcry 3 at all) and hit detection is all over the place. As soon as I unlocked a silenced sniper rifle and pistol I quickly ditched the bow which is a shame because the bow was my favorite go to weapon in Farcry 3.

Also, the eagles that attack you in this game are a cheap fucking game mechanic and Ubisoft deserves to be beaten for designing them. When you're running around and unbeknownst to you an eagle flies down, lands on your arm, and takes away half your health...it's incredibly frustrating. The only reason I can see for this was Ubisoft sat around and decided, "We should force players to use their health syringes while they are running around so they have to continually buy more or craft more." It's bullshit and terrible game design imo.

Now on to the good stuff...
I have a complete arsenal of silenced weaponry and sticky c4. I can pretty much take out an outpost without being detected most of the time (unless the game's stealth mechanics break). I usually try to stealth my way through the camp to disable alarms, maybe plant C4 somewhere, then retreat back, snipe any perimeter guards, throw some bait to attract predators near my C4 then...kaboom. Of course this is all unscripted so it doesn't go exactly like this all the time. I've been detected through walls, through the back of an NPC's head, etc. Even with those hiccups the game feels so much more open now. I can still go in guns blazing or sneak around. My first few hours felt painful because I was forced to play an open world game a specific way.

The gyrocopter (buzzer) is my favorite way to get around and I hope Ubisoft implements something like this in future Farcry games. Also, I managed to slice an eagle in half with the propeller while I was flying which was awesome lol.

I'm about 50% complete and now that I can play the game how I want to play it I can't wait to jump back into it. If you are thinking about buying this at some point and you are like me...be patient.

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